Girls, I hope you are having an awesome start to your week…I’m not gonna lie, I’m still in a weird spot right now with a lot of things.  I haven’t yet had my full quiet time today but I want to encourage you with a devotional I read earlier today from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.  Two verses, one of which you are familiar with, and one you might not be, have given me some great insight today as I muddle through my life at the moment.  The voices and noises of this world are constantly distracting us and pulling us away for one reason or another but God’s Word is constant and a reminder of His great promise of faithfulness and love.  One sentence from this devotional really spoke to me.  “Though I pour out blessings upon you always, some of My richest blessing have to be actively sought.”  This is SO true!!  God’s love for us is SO amazing I can’t even comprehend it!  Think of the love and excitement you feel for someone you have a crush on…we’ve all had crushes so I’m sure you can relate!  Your heart races, you wait for his call or text message, when you see him you can’t wait until when the next time will be!  God’s love and excitement for us is more than a hundred-fold of that!  God longs for us to run to Him each day and long for the next time He calls on us; what an amazing thought!  How often, girls, do we live our lives each day, aware of the blessings God is constantly bestowing upon us but if we would only truly praise and search for Him that much more, we would be EVEN more blessed and richer in His kingdom!? 

I want you to check out Matthew 7:7 and Zephania 3:17 and tell me what you get out of it…I’ll tell you my thoughts from my quiet time a little later this evening! 

I’m praying for each of you!  Faithfully Following…Listening to God’s Love Song for US!