We have a choice.  Countless choices really.  Every day, every moment, every time we open our mouths, and every time we don’t.  It is through those choices we become who we are.  I want every choice I make to glorify God and I know I fall terribly short.  However that brings me to what I learned in my devotional this morning, that we need God in every moment.  Our awareness of our need for Him is truly our greatest strength!  We must, however, watch in ourselves that we are not self-pitying or becoming preoccupied with our downfalls that we start to focus on ourselves too much instead of where our focus belongs, on Him.  We can choose to walk with Him in each moment or to choose despair and live unproductively.  We will all experience a void or an emptiness at times…and unfortunately for us, the devil knows our weaknesses where he can prey on us, and I’m a big believer that our greatest battlefield is our mind.  How we become anxious too easily over things, how we over-think, over-plan, over-stress, and on and on and on…at least this is what I find myself battling at times.  I feel like I used to be pretty good about “it is what it is” and lately I’ve gotten caught up in myself at times and my focus has been a little more off-center…just a little, mind you, but “just a little” is just enough for our minds to become completely overwhelmed and distracted.  I pray that He would be central in our consciousness by praying continually throughout the day…sending Him “flare prayers” as a friend of mine says…just shoot one straight up to Him, nothing overly fancy just say to say hi, to realign our focus on Him and to praise and thank Him and I know from my experience with this that my whole attitude will change.  It’s a beautiful thing what our lives look like and what they have the potential to look like when we are simply focusing on loving and serving Him.  That is my heart’s ever-longing desire.  To fall completely and wholly in love with Him.  That “He would become greater and greater, and I would become less and less.” (John 3:30)  God tells us to do this, to pray to Him continually in joy and thanksgiving and that we will receive the goodness of His will for our lives. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Today has been a wonderful introspective day for me, spending time evaluating my trusting of others, when I need to bring all of my questions and relationships to the Lord and spend some time at the feet of Jesus, just listening and being open to His guidance.  What a wonderful opportunity we have, to communicate with our mighty Creator, just take that in, and just try to imagine what John describes in Revelation 4…simply incredible.  When I view our Lord in that context I am just in complete and total awe, who wouldn’t be?!

Praise Him for loving us in every moment