And by saying that, I mean it’s not about me.  Or you, for that matter.  It isn’t about us, it’s about Him.  I am starting an amazing study and it’s absolutely no accident that I have just started it now and it’s date of completion is December 31, 2011 just in time for the new year.  I am completing “The Purpose Driven Life” with two other couples.  And it isn’t any accident that we three couples are together and have chosen outside of any church guidance to continue our studies together and to lift one another up.  I want to do some posts on this study, and I cannot promise to be super diligent about them but the desire is there.  I am wanting to do these in hopes of flushing out some of my thoughts and later being able to remember my own insights from this study.  Section 1 is entitled “What on Earth am I Here For?” and Day 1 “All Starts With God”…and isn’t that the truth.  One of the biggest and probably simplest and silliest (to me) insights I received from this day is SO fundamental yet when put this way, really struck me in the head, duh!  First of all Colassians 1:16 “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him” what an incredible verse.  If you’re anything like me, and I sure hope you’re not because I’m a M-E-S-S, you forget on a moment to moment basis just how little we are…just how finite and delicate we are.  We “only exist because God wills that [we] exist!”  Holy cow!  Really?  I’m being serious here…when I read it said in that way my mind was blown…I only exist on this Earth in the job that I’m in, with the friends and family that I have, with the triumphs and troubles I have because HE WILLS that I exist.  I often forget whose playing field I’m on and that I don’t have a teeny tiny bit of the control that I allow myself to think I have.  Okay, so like I said, simple concept huh?  You’re probably shaking your head right now because it’s so simple.  It honestly blows my mind.  I guess because it reminds me of how absolute, infinite, strong, powerful, and downright BIG He is!  And I guess I haven’t really thought of it in terms of Him having a will like I do…in the sense that He gets what He wants every time because every time He has the absolute best interest for glorifying Himself and yet still causing things in this fallen world to work for our good.  It’s overwhelming and already a testament to His great and amazing love.  How can it be?  I just shake my head and wonder.

Anyway, I’m on to day 2 and I will try to post about that as well.  I could go on and on just about day 1 but I won’t, because I think you should go get this book for youself…study with me!  I’m already hooked and it’s only day 1…it tells you not to read ahead so you can soak up the day you’re on and really let it sink in…I could probably spend a week on day 1, yet I want to read the entire book all at once.  I’m exhibiting great patience because I have not yet turned that page, but I’m about to!  I want to become more Biblically literate in an age and a society where the resources are there at our fingertips at a moment’s notice, yet I always find ways to distract myself.  If the devil can’t make you a bad person, he will try to make you a busy one…I believe that, and I know that I often fall into that trap…please, Father, help me to seek after you with reckless abandon.  Help me and my husband to have hearts that reflect Yours alone.  To be selfless and forgiving; willing and loving.  Father we fall so short of Your greater purpose and plan, please begin to reveal it to us amidst the things that distract us.  I believe You, Father, and I believe in You.  Thank you so much for Your perfect timing.

“Without God, life makes no sense.”