Dear Ryne,
I’m sitting here up in our loft and you’re sleeping next to me in your carseat…you LOVE that thing…you’ll sleep in it for hours and since you were having a bad day today I’ll let you sleep where ever you’ll rest that sweet little head of yours…you are stirring awake right now as I write this.  You are so precious and every day I wonder how you can be so handsome and perfect.  You sure are a chunky little thing right now!  You’ve doubled your birth weight I’m pretty sure!  You’re a healthy boy who loves to eat.  We don’t let you cry much but in the past 2 days when you’ve cried your dad and I have noticed tears starting to come from those blue eyes.  They’re still blue at this point…I can’t wait to see how and if they change!  I hate to see or hear you crying.  It breaks my heart even if I know that you are perfectly fine (which you always are perfectly fine, but you fuss a little when you want a change of scenery, position, or when you’re really tired!).  You have the sweetest little pink lips.  They really are just perfect!  You also still have a head of hair that is so beautiful and everyone always comments on it.  You have the sweetest, softest cheeks (which are also cute and chubby!) and I love to just watch you sleep as you make the cutest faces at me.  You are finally starting to smile more and you love to follow your moo cow rattle with your eyes.  You are holding your head up so well and you have really been enjoying lying on your play mat kicking your arms and legs around.  You LOVE the outdoors.  And you love looking at lights…your dad and I call you bug because you’re like a little bug attracted to the lights.  We love you so incredibly much and are so so blessed to have you in our lives.  I had no idea I could love someone as much as I love you and want to be with you!