Hi baby boy!

It seems like this past week flew faster than the ones before!  You’re a chunky little guy and getting heavy!  At our Bible study group on Friday night we took some pictures of all five of you and you’re almost as big as Nolan, who will be 5 months old on November 8!  You’re our big boy 🙂  Saturday night Kristy, Nick, and Aria came over to carve pumpkins and bake cupcakes.  You were a little fussy so most of the night I was working on getting you to sleep!  On Sunday Uncle Dan and Aunt Lindsey came over and we watched the Bears game (we won!!) and we put you in a pumpkin…you did NOT like it at all!  But I think we got maybe one or two good pictures!  It was your first Halloween on Wednesday!  We dressed you up as Tigger and you were the cutest one I’ve ever seen!  We tried to take you up to a Trunk or Treat at the local pizza place hosted by Vertical Life Church but there were mainly a bunch of games for older kids and bouncy inflatables so we figured we would skip it this year and take you next year when you may be able to enjoy it a bit more!  We brought you back home where you proceeded to sleep through most of the night but we did take you in your stroller and costume to a few of the neighbors and you got a few pieces of candy.  I dressed up as a martian rock star with this silvery dress, purple hair, and martian antennae and one of dad’s guitars.  Your dad was the same thing he has been for years…a creepy tickle monster man with a scary old man mask with long hair and beard!  He wears a flannel jacket and brown pants and sits really still on the front porch and it scares the trick or treaters…he’s such a meanie!  We have the house decorated with orange lights, a big ghoul that lights up, an inflatable pumpkin, some RIP gravestones, and little ghosts and spiders handing from the lights and our front tree.  Also your aunt Nicole came into town on Tuesday and she has been loving on you ever since!  Yesterday we went to the MLK center downtown…you and Dad and Nicole walked around and to the Ebenezer Baptist church and reflecting pools while I went to my last postpartum checkup.  I was sad to miss going with you guys but Dad and Nicole said you had a good time and that you were mostly a good boy! 🙂  You’ve started smiling even more and the noises you make are so cute.  I’ve used the Moby wrap a lot this week and you seem to really love being close to me and taking your naps.  When you wake up you want to eat and then you’ll play for about an hour or so before wanting to nap again.  You’ve really been enjoying lying on your back either under your play mat or just on a blanket and kicking your legs and moving your arms.  We either say that you are dancing or swimming.  You are just too cute!  You are following objects with your eyes and you love it when we make high pitched noises at you.  You are still the most precious thing I’ve ever seen in my life and that will never change!  You make the cutest noises while you’re sleeping too by the way…you make little high pitched sighs and little grunts.  All in all I just love you so much!  We’ve still got to take your 9 weeks picture and your 2 month pictures which we are going to try to do today I think!  I love you so much little one, continue to grow and thrive and know that we love you with all of our hearts!  Love, Mom!