Ryne-o, I can’t believe it…you’re 9 months old today!!  My mama heart is just a little tender today thinking about all those weeks ago when you were just born, and last night you crawled across the room chasing after the remote control I was luring you with.  You have taught me so much about myself and about life in just these few short months.  Your sweet smile and chunky little arms and legs bring me so much joy.  I love our snuggles and our precious moments together in the morning and evening when I get to nurse you.  I feel so blessed to have that wonderful bond with you and for so many months.  I’m not anywhere close to wanting to wean you and you aren’t either.  I don’t know how long you and I will share this breast feeding relationship but I don’t plan on putting a time limit on it just yet.  That being said we are still working on slowly introducing solid foods to you.  You’ve tried quite a lot actually, but we just don’t do it often enough…Dad and I have been kind of lazy on that aspect I suppose but you’re thriving and doing just fine so I’m not worried at all about it.  Your dad and I love you so very much.  You absolutely adore your dad.  I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of all the time you get to spend with each other during the week but I am also very grateful that you get that time together.

We just had our first family beach trip with Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Dan and you loved it!  You were such a good boy and seemed to have a really great time.  You slept all the way there when we left Wednesday night.  When we went to the beach on Thursday you really weren’t too sure about the cold ocean waves splashing on your sweet feet but you warmed up to it pretty quickly and you loved your pool with canopy that we set in the shade for you.  We put some water in it, along with some sand of course, and gave you your sand toys and you were so happy.  You loved watching the sand fall out of our hands or when one of us poured water over you from your toys.  We made sure to dress you in one of your seven swimsuits along with your cute cloth swim diaper, lots of Badger sunscreen, water shirt, and a hat!  Neither me, dad, nor you got any sunburn (well, aside from mom’s raccoon eyes one day…) but Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Dan did get a little too much!  But we were all pretty good and enjoyed the nice weather and the shade.  We also got you a little bumble bee float with canopy for the big pool and you really loved that as well.  We got some cute pictures of your sweet little legs and feet underneath your float in the pool.  You were such a good boy the first night we went out to dinner, you even sat patiently in your umbrella stroller and let mom eat dinner!  Overall we had a really good trip and even on the car ride home in the afternoon we only stopped once to eat and give you a fresh diaper.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of you the whole trip because you’re just too stinking cute…(I’ll have to update this post with pics later!)

Right now you’re wearing very few 9 month outfits, mostly 12-18 month.  We’re still making good use out of all of your cloth diapers, Bum Genius are still our favorites and you’ve got 4 snaps in between both flaps, and the medium Charlie Banana swim diaper in the sea creature print fit you really well on our trip.  You got your first hair cut on April 14, 2013 with mom and dad along with your first taste of butternut squash that night.  Your hair cut changed your whole look!  Just as handsome as ever, but no longer my little bitty baby but my little baby boy!  We spotted your first teeth coming in on May 03, 2013…your top two!  You’ve got 4 teeth right now, 2 on top and 2 on bottom and you’ve been doing pretty well with teething so far.  I can definitely tell when your teeth are bothering you sometimes but your amber necklace and the Camilia drops seem to be doing the trick to soothe you when you need just a little extra love.  I’ve also given you apple chunks and cantaloupe for you to munch on to help.  I made avocado-apple popsicles for you but you don’t seem to be too interested in the cold just yet, although they are pretty tasty if I do say so myself.  You just took your first real crawling forward “steps” last night and your dad and I are so proud!  I don’t think you’ve quite figured out that you can get yourself across the room and into trouble yet but I know it’s coming soon, probably even by the time I get home this evening!  You have been pulling yourself up on your toys for a while now so I’m sure walking isn’t too far off either.

Foods you’ve tried so far include: broccoli, sweet potato, watermelon, scrambled egg, apple, strawberries, chicken bone, pork chop, cucumbers, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, avocado, happy baby organic purple carrot and blueberry puffs, butternut squash, bananas, carrots, pears, bell pepper, and probably a few more that I’m not remembering.  You’re still learning how to eat and swallow without choking but you’ll get it!

Your motor skills are improving every day and you love to “talk” saying strings of consonants and vowels together like “gi ga gay, bweh, ba, buh, mmmm, mama, da, di” it is so cute.

You like to be outside and go on walks.  You love our puppy dogs and to read books with mom.  You love to take baths and to be sung to.  You love it when we clap our hands and to play peek-a-boo.  You are a very good baby!

You don’t have too many dislikes…maybe diaper changes when you want to be doing something else but you do love to be naked!

Ryne Andrew, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and are so thankful for each and every moment with you.  Thank you for making our family so much richer.  You are perfect just the way you are.  You are handsome, kind, trustworthy, creative, smart, and loving.  You are our sweet boy!