Ryno!  You are 10 months old…plus a week at the time I am writing this.  I can’t believe your first birthday is NEXT month!! 😦  It makes your mama just a little sad…I always look at your first few pictures and can’t believe how quickly the time has gone and how much you have grown and developed and changed!  (Thanks Amanda for this blog template that I’m stealing from you!)

Size: You are currently wearing most 18 month clothes; you are such a big boy, as everyone always exclaims when they see you…followed by the ever-popular “what are you feeding him?” question.  Since most people can’t believe you’re still primarily breastfed we have been telling them we feed you raw meat. 🙂  You are about 25-26 pounds (of pure muscle of course!) and are about 30 inches tall.  We haven’t been back for a checkup since you were 6 months old so these are my best guesses.  You are perfect!

Mobility: You sure are moving these days!  You are a great little crawler, crawling everywhere and getting into everything you’re not supposed to have: wires, dog bowls, trash cans, etc.  You LOVE crawling over to your puppy dogs and petting them and laughing at them.  You are pulling up on everything and walking with our assistance still.  You’ve balanced just a few times on your own for just a few seconds.  Your chunky little legs and feet make my heart smile 🙂  You love to stand in your crib and bounce a bit while holding on to the sides and laughing.

Fine Motor: Your pincer grip is pretty good.  As far as feeding yourself you do a decent job getting things into your mouth when you want to but you still get your fair share on your belly, in your hair, under your bottom in your seat, and you are so kind to share with the puppies by tossing your food on the floor.  Halo is your best friend because of this.  We are working on waving hello and goodbye and I swear you’ve tried to clap a couple of times.  When we clap and say “yay” you also wiggle your arms with your open mouth and make an “aaaayyyyy” sound.

Communication:  We are still working on signing a few basic things but dad and I aren’t too great at being consistent.  We sign “milk”, “more”, “eat”, “dog”, “book”, “rabbit/bunny”, and “bird”.  You are saying “mama” and “dada” but not directly to us.  You also say “bweh bweh”, “shshshsh”, “ggggaaa”, “kay,” and you’ve found it funny to suck your bottom lip in and out making noises.

Sleep: Well last night certainly wasn’t one we want to talk about…You were up and didn’t want to stop nursing.  I’ve been slowly trying to night-wean just a little bit because I think you can go without it and it’s more for comfort.  I’ve loved our night time snuggles so I’ve let it go for a while but I know you do just fine in your crib when daddy puts you back to sleep.  I think you’ve wanting to nurse a little more the past few days because you may be teething or growing or something.  We’ve been working at getting better with a bedtime routine and closely following your cues.  We know you get sleepy around 8:00pm so we’ve been doing some quiet play time, reading a few books, brushing your teeth, and then nursing and rocking.  You usually lie down to sleep in your crib after about 15 minutes of this nighttime routine so we’re hoping to keep it up!  You usually wake up around 6:45am or 7:00am.  You usually take a morning nap at about 9:00am and an afternoon nap around 3:00pm.  We try to get these naps to stretch for longer than an hour, sometimes we are successful with over 2 hours of sleep and sometimes we only get 30-45 minutes.

Feeding: As I mentioned above in the size category, you are still primarily breastfed (well, bottle with breastmilk if I’m not around) along with foods that we eat.  We found out on our trip to see family this past week that you seem to really like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.  You’ve also eaten grassfed ground beef, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, eggs, avocados, squash, watermelon, spicy chips mom made, macadamia nut waffles, and we just tried Plum Organics veggies and fruit pouches while we were on our trip because it was easier to feed you with those since we didn’t have your chair and tray with us.  You really like the Ella’s Kitchen Spinach and Rutabega one which dad and I thought was pretty unappealing!  You also liked the broccoli and apple, pumpkin and banana, peach and mango, and blueberry.  Your consumption of milk is definitely dwindling although you still like it a lot when you do have it.

Personality: You are such a good little boy.  Really!!  You love to be held by anyone, you are always smiling and laughing.  You love puppy dogs.  You aren’t afraid of any of them, even when they are barking.  I have the cutest video of you playing peek-a-boo with the dogs.  You were just laughing away.  I will say you do have your moments where you get frustrated and you clench your fists and tighten up for a few seconds but those are usually very short lived and you really only get fussy or upset when we don’t understand what it is you want.

Loves: You really enjoy going to the nursery at church and playing with your friends there, either adults or other kids.  You love to laugh and be tickled.  You love it when we play with you (peek-a-boo mostly) or read to you.  You love to walk with us holding your hands, you just smile and laugh and make noises while you walk.  You love your puppy dogs!  You also love water, either bathing or in the pool.

Dislikes: There really isn’t too much you don’t like these days…you used to really like diaper changes surprisingly enough, but now you can’t stand them because you don’t like us laying you on your back and you’d rather be wiggling around.

Happy 10 Months, Ryno!