Sweet baby Ryne,

How are you already 11 months old?  Stop it!  Stop growing up too quickly before my very eyes!  Although in saying that I hope and pray that you continue to grow strong and healthy and smart.  You are so special, smart, creative, loving, snuggly, handsome, talented, and happy.  I have been mostly enjoying spending some time getting stuff ready for your first birthday party, but I must admit I am trying to center my focus appropriately so that I don’t get too caught up in the silly little stuff of it and instead focus on celebrating a whole year of YOU!

Size: You are still currently wearing most 18 month clothes, still some 12 month stuff but they’re getting mighty tight on that long torso of yours!  I haven’t weighed you lately so I would guess you are still about 25-26 pounds and dad did kind of measure your height the other day and it is right around 30 inches tall.

Mobility: Still moving and getting good and fast at it.  You’ve started standing on your own this month and you’ll stand and shake/wave your arms like you do…I’ll have to insert a video of that!  We sure are going to miss it when you outgrow it!  Just a couple of days ago you crawled up the whole flight of stairs, with mommy “spotting” you from behind of course but you sure looked like you had already done it a hundred times!

Fine Motor: You are still clapping and feeding yourself.  If we cut the food up into smaller pieces you still manage to get a fair amount in your lap and on your bib but you do get food into your mouth when you really want to.  Oh!  And when we read books together some of your books have little flaps inside that reveal another picture underneath and I’ve been so impressed that when reading you get so excited and know when to reach for the flaps to open and close them.

Communication:  We weren’t very good on our signing this month but we haven’t given up on it yet by any means!  I’m pretty sure you tried to replicate saying “thank you” to me after we brushed your teeth the other day.  You are babbling up a storm still and I think you’re trying to vocalize some of what you want but overall still no real words yet.

Sleep: You’ve had some rough nights these past few nights for some reason.  We all suffered from a slight cold the past couple weeks though and you’ve been pulling on your ears like you may be teething too so it’s anyone’s guess.  You’ve become very particular about nursing to sleep at night and I think I may be seeing some separation anxiety since as soon as I get home you don’t want to let me out of your sight.  It breaks my heart so much but I am grateful you get to be in your home environment all day with your dad and I’m working on ways to make that the best environment possible for you to learn, grow, and play.  You are still going to bed in your crib pretty consistently around 8:00-8:30pm.  Our nighttime routine consists of dimming the lights and noise around 7:30pm and brushing your teeth, reading two books, and then nursing and rocking in the glider.  It’s been variable lately as to how long you’ll stay sleeping in your crib and when we have to come help you fall back to sleep.  In the mornings you’ve been taking your nap right around 9:40am for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more and your afternoon nap is still the longer nap.

Feeding: We’ve been trying to be much better about offering you more solids on a consistent basis throughout the day.  For breakfast you usually have what we have, eggs, avocado, some fruit maybe, or when we make paleo pancakes we give you those as well without any syrup.  You’ve also had some of our paleo pizza and you seem to like it a lot.  Last night our dinner was grass-fed beef burgers, cauliflower and carrot “rice” and butternut squash chunks.  You’re still drinking about 6-7oz of breast milk during the day and we’ve been trying to introduce the cup to you and you seem to like playing with it a bit and mostly dumping it out all over yourself.

Personality: Besides being a little crabbier these past couple days you are so happy.  You love to be with mom and dad and do what we do and go where we go.  You love to be outside and you love to “talk”.  You are a very sociable little guy and usually smile at anyone who smiles at you.  You’re also inquisitive and like to study people and their faces as they are talking to mom and dad.

Loves: You love it when people wear ball caps so you can look at them and touch them!  You also love bath time.  You love splashing and playing in the water.  You love water a lot actually.  You enjoy going to the pool.  You enjoy reading and independent play where you can explore and crawl around everywhere.  You still love when we sing to you and you still love nursing and rocking to sleep, and I’m okay with that!

Dislikes: You do NOT like having your nose wiped, and there was a lot of that this past week!  You still don’t really like diaper changes either because you would rather be up and moving around.

Happy 11 Months, Ryne Andrew!