So today is a blah kind of day.  We’ve been taking it easy because Ryne has had a low fever yesterday and the day before…he’s acting perfectly fine…as fine as one can be for an almost 2 year old…during the day but is having a bit more trouble sleeping at night.  Today we did meet up with his buddies, Jonah and Nolan, at the pool for a bit and unfortunately he had fallen asleep in the car right before we got there so he was a bit of a sensitive grump the whole time…plus the whole not feeling well thing.  He did seem to feel a little better once we got to Jonah and Nolan’s house and he was able to play with the trains a bit.  I wish I could spend more time swimming!  It feels so nice on my body to be a bit weightless and be able to do some stretches a bit easier being in the water.

Tomorrow Doug will be off to an all day conference with Jonah and Nolan’s dad, Randy, so I am planning to take Ryne to the local consignment sale and then maybe to play with his buddies some more.  Then we also have to squeeze in trying to go to my seamstress for my hopefully final dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress.  It is a beautiful eggplant color underlay with beautiful purple lace over the top, it has just been a pain being a growing pregnant woman in a different dress from the other bridesmaids and having to source similar purple fabric…honestly, I have no clue what this dress will look like in the end.  At least I won’t be naked.  And if this baby does turn out to be a girl…which I’m not thinking it will be…then she will have some really expensive, fancy purple and lacy pillows and blankets and clothing because what the heck am I going to do with a majorly altered size 16 dress?  Sheesh.

Anyway, I AM looking forward to the wedding and all the wedding events, we’ve just got a lot to do before then with Ryne’s party coming up next week and with making sure we’ve got everything ready for the wedding itself.  Lots of expenses coming up but hopefully Gramps’s house will sell soon and relieve us of some of the financial junk and our investment can be paid back.  Well, it’s 6pm and Ryne is still napping from when he went down to sleep around 4:00 so I’m gonna go see if he’s stirring yet and get him up gently so he won’t be a grump for our impromptu cul-de-sac get together that’s supposed to be starting right now!  🙂  Boring blog today I know…but at least it’s something…and it’s real…today I’m feeling blah.  I am looking forward to the LaCroix fancy waters Doug is bringing home for me in just a few minutes though 🙂  It’s the little things, right??