It sure has been a busy few days for us which is why I haven’t written until now!  I have also been a little slack on completing my daily yoga although I do notice that I’m implementing more of the Spinning Babies daily essentials activities into my normal routine of sitting more on my sitz bones, stretches, pelvic rocks, and trying to maintain and be aware of how I am holding my body in balance with symmetry.  I’ve noticed I tend to naturally sit with my right leg tucked underneath my bottom which definitely tilts my uterus to the right side.  I’ve been making a conscious effort to change that and sit more balanced.  I’ve still been getting a decent amount of walking in as well.

This weekend we went to a consignment sale that I had a credit for and I was able to pick up some 24 mo clothes for Ryne for winter and also some train conductor hats for his party this weekend.  They were a random but perfect find because I had thought about doing favors but really didn’t want to spend the money so this way it works out.  After the sale we went to see Ryne’s buddies at their house where they got to play in the blow up water park, eat lunch, and then do some painting together!  It was a really fun afternoon.  We then took the kiddos to their respective homes and let them take naps before taking them out again to a local BBQ festival nearby.  The festival was fun and I was really wanting some BBQ and Peaches so it worked out great for me!  The boys also got balloon “animals” made for them.  Jonah got a really wild hat, Will got an airplane with a bear riding on top of it and Ryne and Nolan got the cutest little fishing poles.  I’ll have to post some pictures but Ryne LOVED his and was dancing and swinging it around having the best time with it.  Until it popped…twice…of course.

Overall we had a busy but fun weekend and the busy-ness isn’t going to stop any time soon!  With Ryne’s birthday, the wedding, and my “Mother’s Blessing” coming up over the next few weekends we are busy until the end of September…slow down a bit, time, let me catch my breath!!