How in the world am I already 27 weeks pregnant with this little one?  My little bird.  I have no idea…and the thought of the months ahead moving so quickly are a little difficult to wrap my brain around.  10 weeks from today when I was pregnant with Ryne (if that makes sense!) he was born!!  He was born at 37 weeks on the dot and I am wondering when this next little one will be born.  I am praying that he or she will stay comfortable at least until November 5.  That will allow us to still have the birth location that we desire and we will feel confident knowing we have reached full term again.  I also want to still keep in mind that baby COULD be born in December, as unlikely as it seems.  I know typically subsequent babies are born earlier BUT I do hold on to the hope that this baby will remain just a bit longer.  I may be kicking myself if December 1 rolls around and baby isn’t here yet but at least it should be cooler weather and I’ll have the fun of the holidays to distract me 🙂

I came across a quote today that I want to dive in deeper in another post but I do feel compelled to share it.

The home is where a woman provides the expressions of love for her husband and her children. The home is where she leads and guides and teaches and raises the godly generation. The home is where she is protected and secured from other men and potentially wicked relationships and abuses. The home is where she lodges strangers, washes saints’ feet, shows hospitality and devotes herself to every good work. That’s her sphere. And whatever of that home and whatever of the goodness of her life she can take outside and not sacrifice the home is between her and the Lord and her husband. – John MacArthur

I’ll be talking more soon about our plans once baby gets here but my heart has been pulled more and more toward my home.  Not because we are very well financially set or because I just don’t like working outside of the home, but for reasons I truly never thought I would ever consider and I do want to share them and to reflect upon them because the decisions we are making right now are ones we cannot and do not take lightly for our family.  With that being said we do feel like they are the best decisions we can make for our family right now.  We are looking to God for guidance through this time and trusting Him to guide and direct our paths while we continue to try to be obedient…which is a challenge in some areas.

Anyway, I will go ahead and give a week update up until this point and I will go back to all of the above in another post soon.

How Far Along?  27 Weeks

Total Weight Gain?  While I don’t think it is completely necessary to answer this question for other people’s curiosity, I would like to keep a bit of an update for myself to reflect back on…I may or may not answer this question every week! 🙂  Up to this point I believe I have gained about 26 pounds.  Yes, I know, that sounds insane probably, considering that it is recommended for most women to gain 25-35 during their entire pregnancy and here I am at the end of my second trimester having already reached that mark…BUT I gained about 40 pounds with Ryne and started off both that pregnancy and this one underweight for my height.  The weight gain both pregnancies has been normal, steady, and perfectly fine for my body.  I am fueling up with mostly excellent food choices, it isn’t gain due to eating junk so I feel comfortable in this weight and with my big belly!  Okay!

Maternity Clothes? This is a silly question to me because with this pregnancy I started showing so early and with the discomfort of my cyst I immediately started wearing maternity clothes.  I’m already at the point where my belly is protruding out so much that some of the smaller maternity shirts I have are already riding up in the front, unable to completely cover the belly.  I’ve got to go through what I have and see what is still fitting and what is not and what will last me these next few months!!  I’m thankful for dresses because I really don’t like anything pressing on my stomach area and I’m already to the point where shorts and pants aren’t that comfy.

Stretch Marks? I got so many stretch marks with Ryne that I haven’t even been concerned this time around about going to the trouble to put anything on my belly to attempt to prevent or lessen them.  I’m not really a lotion kind of girl so this extra step is just silly for me.  I honestly don’t have a clue that I’ll even notice new stretch marks if and when they arrive.  It’s all good.

Sleep?  Sleep has still been okay, aside from Ryne being in a sleep funk these past couple of weeks.  Once he goes back to sleeping better I will be able to get better, longer stretches of sleep.  I am trying to sleep mostly on my left side but it’s kind of annoying because this pregnancy I’ve really enjoyed lying on my back or my right side.  Of course, right??

Best Moment This Week?  I just love soaking up baby’s movements.  They are so cool and fun to me and catch me off guard sometimes.  I love lying in bed and feeling this one stretch and move.  I also love when I can get Ryne to kiss the belly or say hi to it.

Miss Anything?  Okay, so I do miss being able to do some more active type of activities that I just can’t do while pregnant.  Running, certain movements, and playing with Ryne more actively.  And don’t take this the wrong way, I am NOT a big drinker AT ALL, BUT with fall approaching and all of the fall stuff out in stores I will say I miss being able to take a taste of some Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider or some of the seasonal Blue Moon brews that are out there.  Again, I wouldn’t be drinking much of them anyway, but it sure does make me want to put my football jersey on with a good pair of jeans and sit down with one to watch a ballgame with my hubby!  With the windows open and the fall breeze coming in…sigh…I just love fall!

Movement?  Baby is moving a good bit now, although I’ve been wondering a lot what other women experience who don’t have anterior placentas like I do.  The anterior placentas kind of buffer some of the movement and because of this I feel most movement on my sides.  Baby likes to move during the day a bit at different times and especially late at night when I go to bed and in the morning.  I love baby movement!

Food Cravings?  I just love food 🙂  This weekend I heard an advertisement for the BBQ and peaches festival and we just HAD. TO. GO.  And we did.  And I had a plate of BBQ, beans, and slaw with peach cobbler a la mode.  And then I got BBQ the next day as well with some more peach cobbler…yum… Oh and sweet tea…I’ve been wanting sweet tea a lot lately.

Queasy or Sick?  Nope, thankfully haven’t had any of this the entire time.  Hoping very much that it stays that way!!

Showing?  Silly question, yes.

Gender?  To be revealed upon baby’s birthday! 🙂  And we are so excited for this.  I do wonder a lot about what gender it will be, but I am SO glad we decided not to find out until the end this time.

Labor Signs?  No, and I would like them to stay away for quite a while.

Belly Button In or Out?  That thing has been out since about 13 weeks!  I don’t know that I’ll ever have a true “innie” again after these pregnancies.  I don’t think it ever completely went back after Ryne.  Anterior placenta have anything to do with making it an outie in pregnancy?  No clue…

Wedding Ring On or Off?  On…with Ryne I didn’t end up taking it off until the very very end…like the last week or two of that pregnancy, which again, for me was around weeks 35 and 36.

Mood?  I’ve been pretty peaceful so far I think, but I definitely have my moments!!  Who doesn’t?

Looking Forward To?  A lot with all the fun events coming up.  I’m also looking forward to getting back to my hypnobabies routine and the yoga!

That is A TON for now so I’ll see ya later! 🙂