Wow!!  I cannot believe that we have ONLY 76 days remaining until our “guess date”!  76.  That is just a little over 2 months AND with Ryne having arrived at 37 weeks, IF this one arrives at that time we really only have approximately 55 days left…eeeeekkkk!!!  Either way, it’s getting close and quick!  I’ll go ahead and do a weekly update but it’ll be a quick one since I don’t know that much has changed in the past 2 weeks, other than we are now officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER!!

How Far Along?  29 Weeks 1 Day

Total Weight Gain?  Not sure at the moment.

Maternity Clothes?  No more pants or shorts for me if I can help it!!  I mentioned 2 weeks ago that they were starting to get uncomfortable and I reached the point a couple days ago where I was really kicking myself in the afternoon for deciding to wear pants to work rather than a dress or skirt.  During my pregnancy with Ryne I had to literally hide all of my pants toward the end so I wouldn’t make the bad decision to wear them in the morning but by the end of the day I wanted to cut them off!

Stretch Marks? If I get ’em I’ll get ’em!

Sleep?  Sleep is decent.  I am still not going to bed early enough and that really has to become a non-negotiable.  It is getting a bit more uncomfortable to roll over from side to side.  I have (what I would consider a mild case) of SPD, symphysis pubis dysfunction, confirmed by my chiropractor and with that my pelvic bone needs some frequent adjustments and rolling over can cause tenderness and it definitely does.  It has actually been about 2 weeks since my last visit with Dr. Dever and I can really tell.  I’m hoping to get over there tomorrow for some adjustments of my pubic bone as well as the SI joints in my back.

Best Moment This Week?  Baby had his/her first hiccups that I was able to feel…I think it was this past Sunday maybe.  Either way, I absolutely love and will miss all of these baby movements and bumps inside!

Miss Anything?  Not really.

Movement?  Baby is moving a lot all the time and I love it 🙂  I especially love those early morning movements when I’m about to get out of bed and Doug and I can just enjoy them for a few minutes together.

Food Cravings?  I really wanted some cream soda the other day.  Hard salami and mild pepper rings sound amazing.  I’m not really turning anything down at the moment.  Some southern-cooked, salty green beans sound divine at this very moment…and that just popped into my head!

Queasy or Sick?  Not from the pregnancy.  I think Ryne and I MAY have a slight cold but nothing too bad actually.

Showing?  More and more every day.

Gender?  It’s a baby!  Can’t wait to meet him or her and find out!

Labor Signs?  No, and I would like them to stay away for quite a while.

Belly Button In or Out?  Out

Wedding Ring On or Off?  On

Mood?  I’ve been a moody, emotional grump this past week or so.  I’ve also been missing a good bit of sleep due to attending a wonderful first time mom’s natural birth that was just awesome.  I just can’t seem to make up the sleep and with the wedding in 2 days I don’t know how possible that will be to catch up on until next week!

Looking Forward To?  Wedding rehearsal tonight, rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, wedding on Saturday, resting on Sunday, and then my Mother’s Blessing NEXT Sunday! 🙂

I’ll be making another post all about Ryne’s biggest new adventure…starting SCHOOL!!!!  🙂  For now, I’m off to wedding land!