Only 71 days until our “guess date”…craziness, craziness.  I’ve been feeling a little more emotional and moody this past week… I AM getting excited for my Mother’s Blessing this Sunday but the time is passing by so quickly and I’m getting so much more uncomfortable with the extra belly weight that I guess it just feels like a lot coming down on me at once.

Anyway, I haven’t had much time to truly think about or wrap my mind around actually having a “shower” this weekend.  My mom will be coming to stay with us on Saturday and do some cake/cupcake baking as well as go out to lunch for her birthday which is the following weekend.  I am trying to think of a fun/nice place to take her.  Maybe this little grill in one of the small downtown areas near us, or another little farm to table place that isn’t too far away, or maybe just to a local pizza place, we’ll just have to see!  She is coming up for the weekend because she will be making and decorating the cake/cupcakes for my Mother’s Blessing on Sunday afternoon.

What is a Mother’s Blessing?

The practice of celebrating pregnancy and birth transcends all cultures.  Unlike the traditional American baby shower, which is usually focused on the baby, the focus of the Mother’s Blessing is on the mother as she prepares for labor, childbirth, and motherhood.

There are many ways to celebrate and at my blessing we will be making a necklace out of wooden, glass, or metal beads that each guest brings, symbolizing something that the guest believes or wishes for the mother.  We will also be sharing special thoughts, scriptures, and prayers for me to have on hand during my birthing time.

When thinking about how to celebrate this new little one, it was never a question to me of IF to celebrate, but how.  I believe that no matter how many babies you have, each life deserves a celebration, unique unto itself!  I had heard of Blessingways or Mother’s Blessings before but have never attended one but I really liked the idea of doing something a bit more meaningful to me personally than just another baby shower where people may feel obligated to purchase gifts, especially when we really feel like we were so overwhelmed with an abundance of clothing, toys, and other baby stuff for Ryne that we couldn’t possibly create another registry and ask others to get us more of those things when we really don’t need them.  Especially since we aren’t finding out the gender of the baby until he or she arrives on his or her birthday, people have wondered what they can get for us…and since we cloth diaper, people feel out of their element there when diaper parties have been suggested.  I felt by doing a “shower” this way, that we could enjoy each others’ company without a lot of material gifts and that I could walk away that day feeling loved on and encouraged by the women who mean the most to me.  I also love the idea of the gathering having a spiritual aspect too, in order to recognize and show reverence to God that this is HIS creation and that we are so grateful to simply have a hand in it as well.

I have no idea what this event will look like or how it will unfold but I am sure it will be lovely and beautiful and a very special time to look back on and to have experienced moving forward as we approach our special day of meeting our new baby!

I will be sure to update one day next week on how it all unfolded!