How in the world does the time pass so quickly??  I’ll think about writing something for the blog and then just not get around to it because of the “busyness”.  We are a month out!  Only 30 days until our guess date.  We will be meeting our baby soon.  I am so excited and have been nesting like CRAZY the past several weeks.  Wanting to clean everything top to bottom, throw away things, sell, donate, etc.  And I’ve had a decent amount of energy to do so but now I feel like I’m entering into a different phase.  Things are MOSTLY the way I’d like them as far as orderly, in its place, as clean as it’s going to get.  Now, I’m feeling that energy fading a bit as I get bigger and bigger and as I do truly believe I’m starting to feel things changing in my body to get ready for this birth.  I’m feel that I’m entering more of a restful and waiting stage.  I do feel I’d like to do a bit more meal prep but I’ve already got about 8 or 9 frozen soups and crockpot meals.  Even though some women make 20 or 30 meals, I know we’ll be fine and thankfully Doug is an excellent cook and enjoys it so even when we’re sleep deprived, we’ll surely not starve!

Now, I’m not sure when this baby will be born of course; however, with Ryne making his grand arrival at 37 weeks gestation, this time I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for any time around or after that mark with this pregnancy, which would be NEXT Wednesday.  I’m also trying to mentally prepare myself that it could still technically be December before I meet this little one.  I’m hoping he or she comes sooner but I’m also willing to let my body do its thing as it needs to and wait for the perfect time for my body and my baby.

I have been getting extremely excited and curious lately to know if we will have another son or a daughter.  I am imagining the moment where we get to meet him or her in our arms and it seems so incredible and so surreal.  When we met Ryne we knew he was a boy, and our meeting was incredible.  I cannot wait for another moment like that.  And this time we will get the added surprise of finding out the gender.  I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” about doing it either way.  It was incredibly fun finding out Ryne’s gender early on in the pregnancy by having a fun gender reveal cake at Easter and then knowing his name and planning and purchasing just for him.  This time around I can’t say I feel any more or less connected to this baby because we don’t know if baby is a he or she.  It has been fun and interesting to hear other people guess what they think it is and how they are so sure of the gender.  One grandma is certain without a doubt that it is another boy, while one of the other grandmas believes it to be a girl…one of them will be wrong, even though they are both SO set that it is what they think it is!!  Well, it won’t be both!  lol

Right now I am continuing to pray and hope and focus on the positives for this birth.  I am trusting in my body and my care team who will support me along the way.  I have my 36 week appointment tomorrow and then it’s game on from then!  I’m excited to meet with my midwife at that appointment as she will assess baby’s position again, which honestly, I don’t know that baby is in a better position despite all of my efforts, and we will review my birth plan and any other “last minute” type of things.  Our doula will also be attending that appointment so she and my midwife will be able to meet and so that we’re all on the same page, which generally I feel everyone knows my/our wishes but this just solidifies it!  Truly, I cannot imagine NOT being under the midwifery model of care with an OB toward the end of my pregnancy where I’m just another number and our appointments are short and impersonal.  I have loved having one midwife to turn to this entire time and the fact that we don’t have to wait for our appointment time and each appointment we’ve been able to bring Ryne and stay for an hour to chat and discuss prenatal information as well as share our lives a bit.  Even though our midwife is an extremely busy lady, she always manages to return my emails or texts very quickly and she helps to ease any fears or concerns that I have going into this birth.  Overall, we are just about READY to meet our newest family member in a peaceful, uncomplicated, natural birth.  I am hopeful and praying for that!