We’re in the 20s!!  Here’s a pregnancy update for you!

How Far Along?  35 weeks and 5 days

Total Weight Gain?  Not sure at the moment.  Although I don’t think I’ve been gaining at quite the rate I was before!

Maternity Clothes?  I made the poor decision of pants a few more times these past couple of weeks and I did regret it.  Right now it’s either skirts, dresses, or leggings with a longer top over them.

Stretch Marks? Not sure if I have any new ones…my belly was quite itchy in spots last week though so I’m sure I’ll be getting some before this one arrives but honestly, I have so many from before I don’t even know how I would recognize new ones.

Sleep?  Sleep is not so great these days.  Same as before with it being difficult to roll over and with the SPD discomfort but now it’s like whenever I wake up after a few hours of sleep, something else is hurting…like my hip, or shoulder, or back.  Eh, I guess it’s just the added weight and the ways I’m sleeping.  I’d say I can’t wait until the belly is gone so I can shed some of the weight and sleep again, BUT I won’t be sleeping much when baby arrives anyway!

Best Moment This Week?  Well, technically this is from last week but I LOVE our maternity photos.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier with them.  I’ll see if I can insert some below 🙂

Miss Anything?  Sleeping.  Comfort.  Energy.

Movement?  Baby is still moving quite a bit at all hours of the day and night.  I’m still loving it and I’m sure I will all the way til the end!

Food Cravings?  I’m about to go to the store because I really want some pepperoni and sliced italian dry sausage.  There’s this brand I tried at Publix the other day and now I can’t get enough of it.

Queasy or Sick?  Nope.

Showing?  More and more every day.

Gender?  It’s a baby!  Can’t wait to meet him or her and find out!

Labor Signs?  Well, I don’t know if they’re actually “labor” signs so to speak but I do think there have been seeing signs of my body getting ready a bit.  A few days ago I started to have a lower back ache that didn’t last long but it was reminiscent of what I would experience before I get my period, which I’m pretty sure I felt a bit of before Ryne was born.  I’ve also been feeling slightly more twingy lower pelvic area types of sensations, different from the SPD ache that I usually feel.  So I’m sure my body is just doing its thing how it knows to do!

Belly Button In or Out?  Out

Wedding Ring On or Off?  On

Mood?  I’ve been MUCH more emotional and sensitive this past week.  Everything makes me upset it seems.  And Ryne has been a 2 year old little pill which has really been testing my patience constantly it seems.

Looking Forward To?  Halloween this week, meeting up at the park with family on Saturday, and then meeting this baby soon! 🙂