I’m still really amazed that I’ve made it this far!  My “estimated due date” is next Wednesday and I’m eagerly, and mostly patiently, waiting for this sweet baby to arrive!  I really can’t wrap my brain around the fact that we will have another sweet little one to love on.  It seems so surreal still.  I feel this baby moving inside of me and it is incredible.  We are ready.  We are excited.  I won’t lie and saying I’m not a little nervous to be a mom of 2 but I’m to the point where I know we will survive because that’s the only choice we have 🙂 But we will do more than survive, we will thrive and welcome this baby into our hearts and give him or her all the love we have for him or her, just like with Ryne.  And it will be so cool to see Ryne become a big brother.  I think he really will do an awesome job, even as he adjusts to sharing his home and his mom and dad.  He is such a cool little guy.  Talking and communicating so well and as always, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter each day!  We are so grateful God has entrusted us to raise these sweet babies.

As far as my plans and to do list from last time, let’s take a look at what I’ve gotten accomplished…or not!!

  • Make birth affirmation banner – DONE and hung up in our room!
    • I really need to get on this.  It is a banner I want to create for our bedroom with verses and affirmations for birth as encouragement and strength
  • Send out thank you cards from Ryne’s birthday party and one of my showers
  • Get Christmas cards started
    • Create excel sheet
    • Purchase cards
    • Purchase return address stamp
    • Purchase stamps
    • Address envelope – I’ve addressed them all and signed them, with the exception of adding new baby’s “signature” and will have to do that once we know who he or she is!  I’m also still waiting on our return address stamp to arrive, which should be tomorrow, and then all I’ll have to do is stamp that on the outside and it’ll be ready once I get the stamps on.
    • Sign Cards
    • Print pic of our family of 4 when baby arrives and include in cards
  • Send out thank you cards from second shower
  • Go on morning date with Doug on Monday, November 17th while Ryne is in school
    • Breakfast/brunch
    • Something else fun with just the two of us
  • Go to Scalini’s sometime around 40 weeks
    • Find a sitter for a dinner date
  • Pack bags for hospital
    • My bag
    • Doug’s bag
    • Ryne’s bag
    • Baby’s bag
  • Car seats installed
  • Clean out baby’s closet/organize
  • Clean out Ryne’s closet/organize  DONE mostly…I organized all his clothes in there but technically it could still use some weeding through of misc items that have just been thrown in there but honestly, it’s not a priority!
  • Keep house clean daily (we’ve been pretty good about this one lately!) – We’re still doing well with this one. All of our laundry is actually being consistently washed and put away daily, which is huge!
  • Finish decorating Christmas tree – Well…we ran into a snafu with this one because the lights on our pre-lit tree, which is only a few years old, keep blowing out.  We have to figure out what to do with it so that we can actually decorate it.
  • Put up other Christmas decor
  • Bake cookies and brownies for labor time for birth attendants and some for us for afterward
  • Go to Stone Mountain for Ryne to ride the train
  • Prep Ryne’s school activities for December – I NEED to do this TOMORROW and turn everything in on Wednesday.  So this will take up my day tomorrow.

I’m happy with what I have gotten done so far and I still have plenty to do to keep busy until baby decides to arrive.  🙂