It is far too late for me to be up and posting when I really want to be snoozing next to my big sweet two month old BUT I had to take the moment to say what a wonderful, beautiful week it has been for our household.  It has not been “perfect”, whatever that is, by any means but it has been real, and it has been fun, and it has been frustrating, and it has been what is has been…beautiful, with reminders of His love, perfection, and grace all around us.

We have gotten out and enjoyed the weather together and with our friends.  My body has received further healing.  We have loved hard, laughed hard, and played hard.  We’ve also had our fair share of spending time in the corner and behaving poorly, adults included.  But we’ve made the choices this week to forgive one another and to love one another.  We’ve shared special treats and sweet kisses.  We’ve snuggled and read books, sung songs and had races around the kitchen and living room.  We got to meet up with friends this week at the park and at the playground.  We also got to have friends over tonight, totally unplanned, and it was a blast for all!

We’ve learned about the letter “c” and the sound it makes and the words it can start to spell such as “cat”, “car”, and “cow”.  We made valentine invitations for our class party and started to make the valentines we will exchange with our friends.  Benjamin has smiled a lot and is already wearing 3-6 month clothes.  He loves to smile at big brother and Ryne loves to love on him, albeit a bit too rough at times.  Again, all in all, we’ve loved and we’ve lived in the moment this week, together.  We’ve spent less time on technology and more time on each other.

I am so grateful for the Word of God.  That He has given us His truths to guide us along each day and that when we trust in Him, He aligns everything just perfectly for our good and for His glory.  I am grateful that “as our day, so shall our strength be” Deuteronomy 33:25  He has given me much strength and so much more to be thankful for in every moment.  I am so grateful for my beautiful baby boys and my precious husband who loves me in spite of myself at my worst.  I am grateful for His healing and His perfect design for our bodies, our marriages, and our children.  I am grateful that we have a God who is faithful to His promises and that we can make the choice to trust Him every day.  I am grateful that He sees us through eyes of grace and not what we deserve.  I pray that I would continue to strive to be the woman, wife, and mother that He created me to be in His image.  That I would somehow shine a light that only points to Him and that I would decrease and He would increase (John 3:30).  Lord, please help me to surrender every day and to submit every thought captive to You (2 Corinthians 10:5).  I am blessed beyond measure, my cup overflows, and I am beyond grateful to You for all of Your gifts and provisions.  Thank You.